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slide-2 Sheikh Rashid's visit to the Youth Center - Ajman

Sheikh Rashid's visit to the Youth Center - Ajman

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slide-3 تكريم جمعية الإمارات للتوحد

Emirates Autism Society honored His Excellency Shamma Al Mazroui

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Honoring the Emirates Autism Society in the Ajman Holy Quran Award

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Honoring the Emirates Autism Society at the summer forum of the Ajman Society for Social and Cultural Development

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Ceremony honoring the second edition of the summer program (Our Summer is Happiness) for the Government of Ajman

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Toast Master Program with the Ministry of Community Development

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Emirati Children's Day

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Signing a memorandum of cooperation with Al Jalila Children’s Specialist Hospital

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EMIRATES AUTISM SOCIETY (EAS) Is an official nonprofit association of public interest disclosed by the Ministry Community Development under the Ministerial Decree No.(225) for the year 2012 , it is main goal is to support people with Autism and their families.

إنَّ الوالد الشيخ زايد – طيّب الله ثراه – كان وما يزال رمزاً للعطاء والعمل الإنساني الذي نقتدي به، واهتمام قيادتنا الرشيدة بأصحاب الهمم؛ هو امتداد للخير ورعاية الفرد الذي غرسه الوالد الشيخ زايد، والذي ينعكس جلياً في ما تسعى الدولة إلى تحقيقه برعاية أبنائها من أصحاب الهمم، والتركيز على تربيتهم وتعليمهم وتدريبهم لإشراكهم بشكل فاعل وإيجابي في عملية التطوير والتنمية  الحضارية بكافة جوانبها إلى جانب تعزيز قدرات وإمكانيات هذه الفئة؛ لتمكينهم من الاندماج في المجتمع بصورة كاملة.
سمـو الشيـخـة شمسـه بنـت حمـدان بـن مـحمد آل نهيــان
حرم سمو الشيخ حمدان بن زايد آل نهيان ممثل الحاكم في منطقة الظفرة
الرئيس الفخري لجمعية الإمارات للتوحد


chairman-img The Emirates Autism Association was established with the support and honorary presidency of Her Highness Sheikha / Shamsa bint Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, may God protect him, and with good efforts for a group of mothers in the year 2012, where its vision is based on “leadership in empowering people with autism to show their full potential in society.” This is done by seeking to achieve its mission of “contributing to providing an appropriate environment for integrating people with autism in society through programs that enhance their capabilities in cooperation and coordination with partners. Our rational leadership’s interest in people of concern in general and autistic in particular was and remains the main supporter of achieving ambitions Please, and continue giving for a better future for people with autism and their families. Since its inception, the Emirates Autism Society has launched a variety of programs and events targeting all segments of society, highlighting exceptional talents by supporting them and highlighting them as a good example for the rest of the hidden talents to appear and shine and then We are confident in our ability when we all cooperate to contribute in providing the best quality, awareness, acceptance, and reaching our highest goal, which is a comprehensive integration of people with autism into society.

God grants success..

His Excellency / Majid Sultan Al Muhairi

Chairman of the Board


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