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Tasks and terms of reference


Tasks and terms of reference

The terms of reference for the Emirates Autism Society:

  • Supervising the preparation of the general policies and strategic plans of the association.
  • Organizing awareness campaigns and programs using innovative means to serve the rights and requirements of people with autism in the Emirati society.
  • Conducting lectures, training workshops and continuous dialogue sessions for all those interested in autism.
  • Participate in various events and occasions to introduce the association’s role and goals and attract volunteers
  • Development of the association’s resources by contributing to organizing fundraising campaigns and coordinating with donors to provide support and assistance to people with autism and their families.
  • Coordination with the competent authorities in the country to find out the best practices in the rehabilitation of people with autism to raise the level of services.
  • Cooperating with research institutions to get acquainted with modern scientific research in the field of autism
  • Communicating with all governmental and private centers and institutions to improve the services provided for people with autism
  • Cooperating with governmental and private institutions to obtain more benefits for people with autism in the field of social, cultural and recreational activities
  • Cooperating with the authorities and departments that provide educational and recreational programs during school vacations to occupy their spare time

Workshops and Forum

Organizing a regular advocacy workshop

The Emirates Autism Society organized two regular advocacy workshops, in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, with the aim of highlighting the involvement of people of determination in developing strategies and drawing their own policies, and enhancing the positive image of the UAE in respecting human rights and ensuring compatibility of prevailing practices. |  view

Organize the appropriate reinforcement workshop

The Emirates Autism Society organized a workshop on how to choose the appropriate reinforcement, presented by the behavior therapist Professor Abdullah Hamid and Professor Adel and Hudain, and the workshop topics include introducing the causes of behavior and positive reinforcement appropriate for the child. |  view

Organizing awareness workshops on autism

The Emirates Autism Association organized during the previous period 4 awareness workshops in cooperation with the private and government centers in the country, with the aim of increasing awareness among parents and workers in the private and governmental sectors about the autism spectrum disorder, in order to reach the largest segment of the beneficiaries in society and among the most important of these institutions: Union Group Aviation, Al Mushrif Specialized Center, and the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain |  view

Organizing the maternal mental health council

Mental health councils were established at the level of the 11 emirates of the state with the aim of transferring personal experiences between mothers and how to face challenges in mental health and the importance of the mother’s concern with mental health to achieve the principle of social development and family life stability. |  view

Organizing the summer vacation preparation council

The Summer Vacation Preparation Council, which has 6 councils at the state level, aims to guide families of autistic people in how to prepare programs for children and use summer vacation in a way that is beneficial to them, in addition to exchanging experiences between families and specialists participating in the council. |  view

Thanks full

In 2018-2019, Emirates Autism Society organized many monthly gatherings in all emirates of the country by meeting with the people of autism and those interested in this field, and providing psychological and moral support to them. These meetings also help to strengthen communication with the people of autistic people with autism and involve them in taking The decisions relate to the association’s programs and identify their needs by region, and the association’s policies and programs are drawn up accordingly. The organization organizes workshops to raise the level of societal awareness in government and private institutions, where the total number of workshops and forums reached (28) activities, and the number of beneficiaries is approximately (598) beneficiaries. |  view

Other participation

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Thanks and appreciation

Thanks and appreciation

Closing Ceremony

 Annual closing ceremony:

The Emirates Autism Association organized the annual closing ceremony in the first breakfast party for the association, in the presence of autistic association members and their families in addition to the association’s partners from institutions and individuals, and the closing ceremony took place after the ceremony witnessed the achievements of the association during the last period in the month of March and April 2019, where the parties were honored Supporters, individuals and people with autism who contributed to achieving great accomplishments during the month of awareness of the promise in addition to the Special Olympics World Games 2019, a number of officials and representatives of government agencies and the private sector attended the ceremony, and the total number of attendees reached approximately 230 people. |  view